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Bare Bear Pub

The ATL Guys converted the basement of our home into a game room and the Bare Bear Pub. We found the plans for the bar online and built it ourselves. We are very proud of it and love to spend time down here with our friends. It is also nice to have the hot tub just outside the door!

This was the start. Just some left over cabinets and some bar stools we really liked.

Got the basic bar built and got the pool table in. Still no ceiling or frig.

Found a great deal on the tables at Costco.

Coming together. Actually have the bottles out and got a flat panel tv. Notice the bar that we finished. Just like glass.

Mindi and David got us this Jack Daniel's table. Tara Ann and Julie Two got us the door lights. Dave's parents got us the clock.

The beer can collection of Dave's is up all around the pub. Lots of football stuff from Joseph's days in the NFL.

Notice the Budweiser light from Ty and Danny. And a shelf made with all the tiles from our Sonoma County Wine Trip.

What do you think? Want to have a drink with us?


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